Join our professional naturalist training course

PRONAT is a twenty one night's program that focuses intensely to elevate passionate nature enthusiasts into professional naturalist with knowledge on the above. There is an additional 3 nights extension available for guiding techniques. With the completion of this course the course participants will be ready to get inducted as trainee or lodge naturalists in nature based tourism sector, start leading nature based tours or just enjoy nature from a different perspective.

The program offers-

  • Course delivery from subject experts
  • Excellent opportunity of peer learning
  • First hand exposure to the actual life of a naturalist
  • 1 night safari in buffer zone
  • Certificate of accomplishment

  • Have you been longing to gain scientific knowIedge about forests and creatures− big and small?
  • Have you been looking to give boost to your career as a professional guide/ conservationist?
  • Or may be you wish to quit the routine and experience the distantIy fascinating life in natural settings?

Hawks by Profession

Professional naturalist and field guide courses are essential for those wanting to pursue a conservation−orientated career, including the life skills and discipline needed for nature reserve jobs or work as a professional field guide or a wildIife tour leader. For those with experience of wildlife tourism/education, qualification in hospitality/environment science, PRONAT will help the prospects in evolving their skills into professional requirements of the tourism industry.

Hawks by Character

Explorers and enthusiasts who wish to learn about Indian Wildlife or kick start their career as nature guides and lodge naturalists are welcome. The enriching experience of peer Iearning and professional guidance while living in a remote boot camp could be an life changing experience. To those who are looking to ditch the routine city life, PRONAT will provide quintessential technique for inculcating new hobbies like specie identification, or interpreting tracks and signs.

  • Life in the camp will be an adventure for the ones who are passionate about nature and can minimally appreciate Iack of internet as much as the presence of it.
  • The candidate should be willing to learn from the experts as well as the experience of peers (Forest life is also about team work and life skills).
  • Expert’s will deliver Lectures in English. An understanding and speaking fluency in English language is a must.
  • Candidates joining PRONAT to take up guiding as a profession must obtain a valid LMV driving license prior to beginning of the course. This is mandatory for candidates taking the extension for guiding techniques.
  • Candidates joining for the purpose of exploring and expanding their knowledge on wildlife must be willing and enthusiastic towards the course curriculum.
  • At the end of a course, candidates will be required to take a practical and theoretical examination. The qualifying candidates will be rewarded with a completion certificate.