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Captain James Forsyth, of Bengal Lancer captivated by the pristine landscape of the stunning Pachmarhi hills, walked this trail over 150 years ago. He traversed the boundless forest treasures, before chancing upon Pachmarhi, the immaculate hill station of India.

Pugdundee Safaris stokes your streak for adventure, by offering unique, tailor-made walking safari trails with exclusive overnight camping facilities.

This enchanting trek specially curated by us for you, unfolds a whole new forest adventure through the varying altitudes that are endowed with Pachmari’s unique flora and fauna. You will traverse rivulets opening out to charming vistas and pristine trails that leave you spell bound. This distinctive camping trek is guaranteed to give every nature lover a reason to celebrate the marvel of wilderness.

Facilities Offered: A team of experienced naturalists and a trained camp core team accompany you for all the walking and mobile safaris. The camp offers walk-in tents with regular camp cots, dry toilets, and shower tents with hot shower bags.

The housekeeping and kitchen team takes special care of the guests, ensuring that all services are personalised. The camp’s chef prepares delicious, piping-hot meals, to be savoured in the stunning forest setting, by the cackling bonfires that will soothe you and keep you warm after a long day of exploration.

There is no electricity at the campsite, only lanterns, and flashlights, and a star-studded sky to light up the surreal night in the lap of nature. This experience is intended to help you unplug, minus any distractions, and become one with yourself and the wilderness.

These camping adventures can be customised to one, two, or three nights; depending on the requirement of our guests.

The hilly, undulating terrain, cascading waterfalls, expansive Saal and Teak forests, and teeming flora and fauna make Satpura the only exclusive walking land in Central India. One where a wildlife enthusiast can experience wilderness unfold on foot.

Operating from November to March.

Walking Safari in Satpura National Park
Camping in Satpura National Park
Tent stay in Satpura National Park
One night camping in Satpura National Park

One Night Joy Camping

Pugdundee Safaris' one-night joy camping and walking trail is exclusively tailor-made for our discerning guests. This camping facility at Bineka promises to be a one-of-its-kind experience.

This is specially curated for the less adventurous who prefer to walk a bare minimum but still want to enjoy camping out experience.

Our one night Joy Camping is organised at the closest campsite to our lodge, in the middle of dense forest of Satpura. The guests opting for this experience have the option of being driven to and fro to the campsite, or turning the experience into an adventurous one, by walking to the campsite.

Operates from November to April.

Bush Dinner by the Tranquil Riverside

Surprise your loved ones with this exclusively curated bush dinner in the luxuriant lap of nature. We organise our bush dinners by the tranquil Denwa river, as the water plays surreptitiously with the sandy banks, and the crickets perform a live, chirpy band, especially for you.

This special dinner under the canopy of a star-spangled sky, is a bewitching experience that will transport you to a lesser known world.

Savour a delectable four-course meal by the cackling campfire, surrounded by pendulous lanterns that create an ambient vibe. Our staff promises to treat you like royalty and dazzle you with the extensive spread of the menu.

Our staff promises to treat you like royalty and dazzle you with the extensive spread of the menu.

While you savour your meal and spend exclusive time with your loved one, know you are surrounded by an umbrella of celestial bodies rejoicing at you, from above the skies.

Relax and soak up the final moments of what would have been yet another day of splendid memories.

Can be booked for, in advance.

Bush Dinner in Denwa Backwater Escape
Boat ride from Tawa Dam to Satpura

Boat Cruise From Tawa Dam to Satpura

A Dreamy River Cruise From Tawa Dam to Satpura

The river cruise from Tawa Dam to Satpura, on our personal boat is a one-of-its kind, dreamy adventure, to reach your much-awaited destination, Denwa Backwater Escape.

Our vehicle picks you up from the airport and drops you off at Tawa Dam, near Itarsi. Thereafter, we take you on an enchanting, two-hour river cruise on Sterna aurantia, our exclusive river safari boat. Named after the beautiful Indian River Tern, a near-threatened species of bird, this ferry ride takes you on an exhilarating journey to reach your destination, Denwa Backwater Escape, in the stunning Satpura National Park.

The guests board Sterna aurantia from Tawa Dam, which is just an hour's detour compared to the regular, by-road route; from Bhopal to Satpura. Meanwhile, the vehicles that drop the guests to the Tawa Dam, return to the lodge with their luggage.

Experience the joy of cutting across various tribal villages, spotting migratory birds; while the mystical landscape of Satpura awaits you; on this tranquil boat ride.

Our boat docks at Denwa Backwater Escape, where our guests are given a warm welcome by our team.

This exclusive journey can be availed for a maximum of 8 pax, and promises to be beyond enthralling.

Lunch and snacks with soft beverages on board can also be organised on prior request.

Full Day Safari at Churna Forest

We offer our guests a Full Day Safari at the Churna forests, with a pit stop for lunch at Churna Forest Guest House.

Nestled deep inside Satpura Tiger Reserves core, under the Bori range, these lush, ancient forests of Churna with expansive meadows, make driving through the tiger country an exclusive, adventurous experience. The big 5 of Satpura - the Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bear, Indian Gaur and the Indian Giant Squirrel roam freely in this idyllic world.

We can also arrange for an overnight stay at the Churna Forest Guest House, supported by our lodge staff. But this is completely subject to availability.

If you manage to get a booking to stay overnight here's what you do. Post your afternoon safari, you can choose to spend the night at this quaint, minimal, yet charming forest guest house. The Churna Forest guest house is run by the forest department and offers an unadulterated jungle experience, amidst the untamed wilderness.

Bush Dinner in Denwa Backwater Escape

Denwa Backwater Escape

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