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Our philosophy at Pugdundee is to conserve, protect and re-wild the forests around which our lodges are built.

We practice a strict policy of being single-use-plastic-free. Therefore, our accommodations come equipped with jars of filtered drinking water, tea in biodegradable tea bags, freshly ground coffee in jars, and freshly baked cookies from our scratch kitchen.

The bathrooms are equipped with soap, shampoo dispensers, bamboo toothbrushes, and earbuds, etc.

Our guests are gifted a steel bottle upon arrival and they can refill the bottle from our water filling station.

Our scratch kitchen uses zero preservatives, and absolutely minimal packaged goods. Our food is fresh, locally sourced within a radius of 50 kilometers, and grown organically in the surrounding villages. We believe in keeping the essence of the regional flavours alive, therefore we love to pamper our guests with a plethora of local flavours.

70% of our staff is from the adjoining villages and areas, and many of them have risen to senior managerial positions. We believe in empowering and helping the local communities get a source of income that will support and enrich them and their families. And also in turn educate them on protecting wildlife and conservation. While taking steps to co-habit with the forests.

We continue to consistently re-wild and help the wildlife and flora flourish around us. Therefore we co-exist with a wide array of fauna in our forested estate at Denwa.

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